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Kim Kardashian went shopping in Beverly Hills on Monday, and rather than a nice relaxing day of retail therapy, Kim had to come to Kanye West's rescue after the rapper allegedly assaulted a teenager at an office building in Beverly Hills. And not only that, but it looks like she helped Yeezy slip out of the scene of the crime BEFORE the cops arrived ... definitely NOT a good move!

We first spotted Kim cruising around in her matte black Mercedes SUV, but shortly after those pictures were taken, she got a call to come pick up Kanye's Lamborghini. At some point before she went to collect Kanye's sports car, someone else got behind the wheel of her SUV and swooped Kanye up from the back of the building.

When asked about the assault, Kim told X17 photographers that the allegations were "ridiculous," and then she drove off in Kanye's Lambo, going the wrong way down a one-way alley.

Stay tuned for more details...