Lil Twist left the Tyga show at Emerson Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday night, which was just a few hours after his (and Justin Bieber's) best friend Lil Za was released from jail following back to back arrests for drug possession and vandalism.

Bieber's home was raided by police earlier in the day in connection with a felony vandalism charge, at which point they discovered a white substance, which Za took the fall for. Though it was initially believed to be cocaine, sources now say it was MDMA.

When our X17 videographer asked Lil Twist what he thought about Za's arrests (he was later hit with charges for vandalism when he smashed a phone at the Lost Hills station), the wannabe rapper said, "I want to let y'all know that I'm doing aight. So don't come up asking me questions about all type of other s**t." Ooook then!