sunglasses legs boup soup snakeskin dress heels tourist wave the grill sunglasses legs snakeskin dress heels the grill parking ticket

And that's why we love her!

But apparently a certain parking enforcement officer with the city of Beverly Hills isn't a fan of the starlet, because while she was signing autographs and graciously posing for photos following a little bit of retail therapy, he cited her white Lexus LFA!

Ok, so it was just a parking ticket and not a moving violation, but that still had to put a damper on her day, right? Nope! After finding the ticket on her windshield P tweeted, "Such a beautiful day in sunny LA! I love my city!! Incredible day of business meetings! So excited about all my upcoming projects! #Huge #Killingit #Lovingit #YES!"

Nothing can get her down!