sunglasses sweater legs Ferrari Paris Hilton boup soup

She knows just how to cheer us up on a gloomy winter day! Well, it was in the 70s yesterday, but it was rather overcast...

On Tuesday Paris Hilton shopped at Book Soup in West Hollywood, and after that the blonde beauty headed to Marco Marco for a fitting with Marco Morante. "He is so creative! LOVE all the costumes he made for @BritneySpears tour," P gushed on Twitter. Wonder when we're going to see some?

When she's not traveling, going to meetings or getting styled, Paris has been busy promoting her blossoming DJ career, and just the other day she stopped by Fox to chat with The Wall Street Journal's Lee Hawkins for a segment about her skills on the turntables and her businesses. She really does it all!

Paris took her Ferrari out for the shopping trip, and we asked just how many sports cars she owns ... click the video below to see what she says!