Nicole Richie has definitely slimmed down a bit over the last few months, but 88 pounds? That's kid size!

If we're to believe a new report in Star Magazine, Nicole has lost an alarming amount of weight from a diet of "sunflower seeds, celery and juices."

The publication alleges that the mother of two is "anorexic again" and one of the reasons for this is because hubby Joel Madden is away, working on The Voice in Australia.

"Joel has always tried to keep tight tabs on her diet," a source tells the mag. "But since he's gone so often, no one's ever really sure how much she's eating anymore. He is extremely worried about her. He tells her that she needs to focus on her health for the sake of the children, because they need their mother. When Joel confronts her on how she needs to ingest more nutrients, she says the juices give her all she needs." Yikes!