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Yikes! Tell us how you really feel Vanessa!

While we all know that Johnny Depp has moved on -- it appears as though his ex Vanessa Paradis has moved on as well. Amid rumors that Johnny Depp is engaged to his much younger lady love Amber Heard, Vanessa Paradis stepped out at a trendy Los Angeles eatery on Wednesday with a new look and a new man. And she is angrrrrrry about it!

We don't blame her -- we wouldn't want cameras catching us in that wrinkled ensemble either!

The 41-year-old French star and French hairstylist John Nollet, who is supposedly the hairstylist who gave Depp his iconic look in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, appeared to be deep in conversation while on the patio of Aroma Cafe in Los Angeles. However it looked like Depp's former partner didn't like being caught at intimate lunch and she flipped our photogs the bird. That's not very lady like, Miss Paradis!

During the lunch date, the mom of two showed a dramatically different hairstyle. The actress known for her long blonde locks now has her hair cropped into a short, brunette curly 'do. You couldn't really go for a different look if you tried -- which we guess she did?

We have to wonder if the oh-so-swarthy Nollet is the man responsible for her close crop? And if so maybe she should should think about a new playmate -- because we aren't loving this new look.

Depp and Paradis split in 2012 and have two children Lily-Rose,14, and Jack, 11.