jacket  Kylie Jenner reality tattoo floral print

When it comes to hair, certain body parts and fur coats, we're never sure what's real and what's fake with the Kardashians...

On Tuesday night 16-year-old Kylie Jenner stepped out in Calabasas with a giant tattoo on her forearm, but we're thinking it's temporary. I mean, there's no WAY Kris Jenner would let her youngest daughter get this much ink in such a prominent place, right? On top of that, Kylie and Kendall drew fake tats on themselves over the summer, and this looks a lot like those. Still, Rob has lots of tattoos, so maybe once Kylie turns 18 she's going to go the rocker chick route and get some real ink?

Kylie added the below pic on Instagram and wrote "coca cola," in case any of you were concerned that she was drinking a Long Island iced tea or something:


But what about the t-shirt her friend is wearing? You know, the one that has "DRUGS" emblazoned on the front?

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