Great actor and charitable to boot! Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation has just granted $3 million to Oceana, which, according to their website is, "the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation."

Protecting our planets oceans and the marine species that call it home is one of the most pressing sustainability crises facing humanity today and a moral imperative that we must acknowledge, DiCaprio said.

Its my hope that this grant will help Oceana continue the tremendous work that they do daily on behalf of our oceans.

DiCaprios grant will also aid the charity's efforts to advocate for responsible fishing measures, including the effort to ban drift gillnets, which are mile-long nets that catch swordfish and thresher sharks in California but also kill a large number of other marine animals.

The $3 million grant is set to be spread over three years and is the first marine conservation grant made following the foundations 11th Hour Charity Auction hosted at Christies last year.

Justin Winters, Executive Director of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, said, We are excited to support Oceanas efforts to win real policy change and protection for vital habitats and species throughout the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

Sounds like a great cause to us! Kudos to Leo for his help trying to change the environment.