Leonardo DiCaprio covers the new issue of Variety, and the 39-year-old actor chats all about The Wolf of Wall Street, and it sounds like he REALLY wants that Oscar he worked just as hard to promote the movie as he did when he was on set!

"We knew we were doing a movie about incredibly distasteful people, and their likability would be questioned, DiCaprio acknowledges. "But Marty [Scorcese] said, 'I've done a lot of movies like this, and I find that if youre authentic in your portrayal of their nature and don't try to give them a false sense of motivation, audiences will go along with you on the journey.'"

I really wanted this movie to succeed, because to me, you dont see R-rated films like this getting made that arent on an epic scale, he continued. So Im glad this film is now in the green. Studios ultimately look at what works and what doesnt, and greenlight the things that do. But will it win him his first Academy Award? This is the FOURTH time he's been nominated, so we gotta ask...