We can't even keep track of how many sexy outfits Miley Cyrus has worn on her Bangerz tour, but here's yet another one!

Miley posed for a photo in the bathroom, presumably at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, and wrote, "Round & Round & AWAY WE GO," which are lyrics from her song "4x4." It's not our fav song on Bangerz (we like "Hands In The Air," "Adore You" and "Drive" the best), but we do love the other line that goes, "Driving so fast I'm about to p*ss on myself."

But it wasn't all fun and bathroom snapshots on Miley's Twitter account last night! The 21-year-old starlet posted a photo of an inset from a magazine inset titled "The Ultimate Betrayal," which features a picture of Miley seemingly getting cozy with Justin Bieber. The accompanying text alleges that "Selena's convinced that Justin and Miley were seeing each other behind her back last year," and "just days after Selena dumped him, Miley spent the night at Justin's house." Miley posted a photo of the article and wrote, "Btw this is photoshopped. Biebs wasn't at Pharrels bday party. I never read this sh*t & that's why."

Ok, but we have to ask ... what about those rumors of her and Jared Leto hooking up?