jacket purse lax airport Selena Gomez

She's been at the airport an awful lot lately!

After getting back from a brief trip to London last week, Selena Gomez jetted out of town over the weekend and she's already back! It's not clear where she went, but we're guessing she wasn't visiting former flame Justin Bieber in Atlanta...

And speaking of the Biebs, apparently Selena has been banned from his upcoming birthday bash! A source tells HollywoodLife, "Justin is planning a huge party for his 20th birthday and he has not invited Selena. He does not want her there after she dissed him by hooking up with Niall [Horan], which was not cool according to Justin. There will be plenty of hot chicks there, and lets just say lots of party favors. Its going to be off the hook.

But even if she was invited, do you think she'd go?