sunglasses Selena Gomez sweater star sweater shorts boots

Selena Gomez grabbed lunch at Cici's in Studio City on Tuesday afternoon, and the 21-year-old starlet showed off her long legs in a pair of shorts and ankle booties. Hot! But seeing as it was in the low 60s today (not so hot), we have to wonder if the singer/actress was dressing like this to attract a little attention -- not from us, but from her on-again/off-again flame Justin Bieber! You know he's gonna see these pics, and aside from a certain pair of mustard-hued pants, Selena has been dressing to impress lately...

After all the legal troubles Justin has been through over the last few weeks (the D.U.I., having his home raided by cops and then getting charged with criminal assault), it seems as though Selena has been staying away from her ex-boyfriend, but we think it's only a matter of time before the two get back together.

Just one month ago the duo snuggled up in an Instagram selfie and Biebs captioned the pic, "Love the way you look at me," so maybe she can help set him straight and convince him to go to rehab and/or clean up his image? Or is he going to continue partying with trashtastic girls and getting in trouble all over the world?