Bruce Jenner Malibu Bruce Jenner Malibu

Don't get that hair wet!

On Friday Bruce Jenner tested out his new wetsuit in Malibu with a paddle boarding session in the Pacific Ocean, and the 64-year-old reality TV dad looked a little out of practice! Or are these the kinds of faces he always makes?

And speaking of his face, there was a new report out this week that Bruce wants to get even more plastic surgery! After having his Adam's apple shaved down earlier this year and allegedly getting Botox, hair plugs and a handful of other procedures, a source tells the National Enquirer that Bruce is now "getting ready for a neck-lift"! A source tells the tabloid that estranged wife Kris Jenner thinks Bruce is making himself and her look like a fool."

Thankfully daughter Kylie was there to lend moral support ... and bring him a bagged lunch! But when it was time to give his 16-year-old a hug, she wasn't too keen on getting wet:

Bruce Jenner Malibu Kylie Jenner