It's worse than we thought

In a new film version of the beloved 1982 musica Annie, Cameron Diaz has taken on Carol Burnett's iconic role oh-so-boozy and very much bawdy Miss Hannigan -- and it ain't pretty.

In new flick, Beasts of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhane Wallis plays the adorable, but orphaned Annie, who gets plucked from the lecherous Miss Hannigans orphanage by wealthy politician, Benjamin Stacks (Jamie Foxx), hoping to use his charitable move for political gain.

From the music to the costumes and Diaz's over-the-top performance, we are nonplussed by the new cinematic offering.

While we love Diaz, the leggy actress should have probably thought twice upon filling Carol Burnett's comedy shoes. There's truly no comparison.

Just in time for the holidays, Annie hits theaters on Dec. 19. But do your kids a favor, skip the theater and show 'em the original.