cameron_diaz__02_032814.jpgcameron_diaz_cover_032814.jpgIs Cameron Diaz into girls?! We kinda hope so!

The 41-year-old has hinted at some lady love in a recent interview with Glamour magazine. In the interview, the Charlie's Angels star is attracted to women and that she thinks all women have lesbian tendencies, at one point or another.

Oh Cameron, you saucy minx!

During a sexy photoshoot, the bikini-clad actress said, "I think women are beautiful absolutely beautiful."

The leggy lady continued, "And I think that all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point. Its natural to have connectivity and an appreciation for the beauty of other women."

Cameron is practically every dude's fantasy come true!

And this definitely isn't the first time the Bad Teacher actress has raised a few eyebrows with her candid talk about her attraction to other women. In 2010, the funny lady confessed that she thought she could be sexually attracted to a woman, and yet not be a lesbian.

While it seems like this time around, the blonde beauty is talking less about sexy times with lady folks and more about appreciate beauty, she also explained that she didn't get envious around her female companions.

"I love women -- and I dont believe in female jealousy. I dont feel like its a good feeling to have."

Cameron Diaz loves women -- and we love Cameron Diaz!