It's not like Lindsay Lohan went on record saying she had slept with James Franco, but after her infamous list of lovers hit the web earlier this month, the 35-year-old actor claims he doesn't belong in Lilo's conquest club.

Franco recently released a book called Moving Pictures / Moving Sculptures: The Films of James Franco, and in it he talks about several stars, including Lohan. "I didn't write anything bad about them," he said in an interview with Los Angeles Magazine. "And Lindsay herself has told lies about me with her people-she's-slept-with list! So I feel like what I said is much less than what she's said." Glad we cleared that up!

Last March he stopped by Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show and revealed that he had turned Lindsay down when she made a pass at him, so his story seems to add up. "I don't want to brag about it. I don't know how that got out," he said at the time. "She was having issues even then, so you feel weird. Honestly, she was a friend. I've met a lot of people that are troubled and sometimes you don't want to do that."

In Touch magazine got their hands on a list allegedly penned by Lohan at the Beverly Hills Hotel in January of 2013, and other famous fellas she's allegedly fooled around with include Orlando Bloom, Ryan Phillipe, Benicio Del Toro and Ashton Kutcher.