Over the weekend Kelly Osbourne stepped out with a tatted-up male friend, and the Fashion Police host was grabbing on to his arm and acting pretty clingy. So who is he?

It turns out the hottie in question is professional skater Braydon Szafranski, and this is the first guy we've spotted her with since splitting from fiance Matthew Mosshart back in January.

Our photographer tells us: "Kelly looked totally into the guy; she was hanging on him and they were laughing and teasing. It was cute."

Last month the pair partied in Las Vegas and Kelly has known Braydon for a while now -- he even hung out with her when she was still with Mosshart! Not only that, but Braydon seems a little bit obsessed with the Osbourne family, as he has "OZZY" tattooed on his knuckles.

He told ESPN a while back, "I got that because when I was born, my dad got Black Sabbath Volume 4 to take me home from the hospital because he wanted it to be the first music I ever heard. So Ive always been a huge fan, since the day I was born." Hmmm...