Lady Gaga New York gaga-roses-460.jpg

With a few strategically-placed flowers, of course!

On Friday night Lady Gaga stepped out in New York City to celebrate her 28th birthday, but not before putting on a show at the Roseland Ballroom, which will be shut down (and torn down) later this spring. Gaga tweeted, "ITS SHOWTIME BABY! So far this has been the best bday ever! Time to give Roseland the goodbye it deserves, with all the roses in NY!" Gaga will return to the Roseland on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and on April 4th, 6th and 7th.

Though she hails from New York City, this was actually her first time playing at the venue. “It’s basically the only room in the city I haven’t played,” she told The New Yorker the other day during a rehearsal. “You have to learn to be unafraid when you’re a nobody, because you’re going to be really f*cking afraid when you’re a somebody and all the lights are on you,” she added. "when I’m in an arena or a stadium, I always need to have that bar connection, that club mentality and energy.”

Based on the stellar reviews we've heard about her set, it sounds like she got it last night!