Over the weekend LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian met up with Brandi Glanville at their sons' baseball game in Calabasas, and the group weren't exactly sitting together, but they did keep things civil. For the number of nasty tweets that the ladies have sent back and forth to one another, it's good that they can play nice as far as the kids are concerned.

However, its seems like Brandi and LeAnn had different opinions about the coaching staff, which, interestingly enough, includes Eddie. "Watching Eddie and Jake on the field is like watching Eddie as a kid. #spittingimage #sweetness," Leann tweeted, along with a photo of her hunky hubby.

However, Brandi seemingly took a swipe at her ex-hubby when she wrote, "Our bball team has up to 6 coaches on the field &they are so busy yelling at our kids that they forgot how to teach them to play baseball." Yikes!