In fact, Lindsay had 200,000 FEWER viewers than Oprah Winfrey's sit-down interview with the actress that aired on OWN last August!

While the new docu-reality series on Lohan's post-rehab life snagged a mere 693,000 viewers, OWN president Erik Logan called the launch a success, pointing out that the premiere episode had the networks highest rating in the Sunday hour in the last 27 weeks with women 25-54.

We had set out to try to attract a different type of viewer and audience to the network and we felt like we did that especially young women demo which is up by triple digits, Logan said. "We thought this was a great opportunity for us we feel great about the young end of the numbers, and the premiere in a time slot we never programmed before on a most competitive night of television.

Despite the positive remarks from the network, it should be noted that Oprah's exclusive Lance Armstrong interview snagged 3.2 million viewers last year. Our guess? Either people just don't care about Lilo anymore or the program is too sugar-coated. I mean, the 27-year-old starlet didn't even cry in the first teaser for the show, and the best quote Oprah had was "cut the bullsh*t." We kinda saw this coming...