We can't believe Lindsay Lindsay went for this! The again, she is promoting her new OWN docu-reality series (it premieres Sunday!), so maybe she wanted to try something a little unconventional?

Lilo appeared on The Tonight Show last night, and after chatting about a possible Mean Girls reunion, she opened up to host Jimmy Fallon about her new TV show, Lindsay.

Lilo says she got uncomfortable when she realized how much attention the show's promo got during the Oscars last Sunday, and she said:
    "It's very clear -- it is a television show, they want ratings -- obviously that's what needs to happen. They picked the first two months when I got back to New York after being in treatment ... I became really spiritual over this past year and I was trying to find serenity and peace in my life, and of course they take the chaos of me moving eight years of my life in LA back to the city of New York. Which is really hard to do and scary. So it's like, 'Oprah reprimands Lindsay and she says the word bullsh*t.'"

Um, that doesn't sound like the most glowing description of something she's trying to promote, but the 27-year-old actress seemed to realize how negative she came across and attempted to do a little damage control when Jimmy asked about her meltdowns and legal battles over the years. "That is the past though, I think that I feel really lucky to have been able to work with someone like Oprah and create," she said. "I have this really strong bond with her now where I can call her and she actually gives me wonderful advice. And she's become a really strong person for me to listen to and learn from in life. I feel blessed."

But the best part came after the interview when Lilo and Jimmy sat down for a game of water war, which is just like the card game ... but with water thrown in the face of the person who loses each round. Lilo only got doused once, and after that she won the next four rounds, so it was Jimmy who left the set soaking wet. "Why is this happening?" Fallon complained. "Because I have OWN on my side," Lindsay joked.

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