On Tuesday afternoon Rihanna slipped into a furry jacket and heeled boots, and rather than heading to a fancy lunch meeting, the 26-year-old R&B star made a trip to the dentist in New York City. She's always gotta glam it up!

Ri flew to the Big Apple on Friday night after spending a week in Paris with Drake, and seeing as the two were joined at the hip every night, it looks like they're very much back on. And get this -- the day after she landed in N.Y.C., Bad Gal RiRi was seen wearing Drake's white Pigalle hoodie. You know it's serious when she's stealing his clothes!

But will it last? Chris Brown is set to remain behind bars for the next month, so it's not like Rihanna is in any danger of reuniting with him, but Drake should probably hightail it back to New York once he wraps up the U.K. leg of his tour next week!