selena-gomez-drinking.jpgSelena in 2013, pre-rehab

Though she was reportedly in rehab earlier this year for issues other than substance abuse, several media outlets stuck with their stories that Selena Gomez was in fact seeking treatment for alcohol and drugs. Apparently after her split from Justin Bieber, Gomez took things pretty hard, and there were claims that he was the one who introduced her to some of her alleged bad habits. Anyway, whatever you choose to believe, it sounds like the pop star's latest behavior has friends and family members concerned.

After a fight with her mom and stepdad (presumably over her recent reunion with Biebs), Selena checked in to the Sunset Tower Hotel for a week earlier this month. A source tells Touch Weekly that the former Disney star was "seen with a drink in her hand almost daily," and added, She looked like shed been at it for a while. Her lips were stained from the red wine she was drinking.

Selena was also spotted at the hotel's Tower Bar and Restaurant with pals on St. Patricks Day, and a source tells the mag, They didnt order food. They just kept ordering rounds of drinks and going out to smoke cigarettes. They definitely seemed drunk.

Her family is begging her to get back into rehab, and to stop talking to Justin, the snitch added. Even if she wasn't going to rehab for booze, it certainly sounds like she's imbibing quite a bit now!