Taylor Swift is up for two big ACM Awards this year, and while she's probably going to win anyway, she made a hilarious for your consideration video with Big Machine Records founder Scott Borchetta.

Borchetta calls Swift, but she puts him on hold so she can paint her nails and gab with a gal pal about boy problems. "We were done, and then like a week later, they got together and that's like a few weeks ago and now they're in Italy," her friend lamented. "That's a big jump! That's a little fast, and I'm saying that," Swift said. "You need to put his name in your phone as a weird word that's unattractive like 'grundle.'" Um, does she know what a grundle is? Either way, the crack she made about her own dating history made us laugh!

After touching on male anatomy and her highly-publicized love life, the video went the crazy cat lady route when Borchetta said, "If I didn't know better, I'd say she's playing with that f*cking cat!" We then see Swift picking up her adorable feline Meredith and she coos, "Where's the princess of Kitty Town? Who's a pretty kitty? You are! You're the prettiest kitty in the world."

Just watch it...