Austin Mahone LAX
Someone tipped off the Mahomies about his arrival!

Austin Mahone arrived at LAX yesterday, and the teen sensation was greeted by hoards of screaming admirers as he made his way through the airport.

Not to be mean, but it seems the 18-year-old is doing everything possible to be Justin Bieber! In fact, we're pretty sure we've seen The Biebs in this exact outfit before! The two were recently spotted hanging out in Miami, so it seems the style biting doesn't really bother JB!

The "Till I Find You" singer is also friends with Selena Gomez, but even he didn't escape her recent Instagram friends purge! The "Come & Get It" singer unfollowed the Jenner sisters and bestie Taylor Swift, and apparently Mr. Mahone too!

"Yes, I saw [she unfollowed Taylor, Kylie and Kendall]. I was mad! I was like, I wonder if Selenas still following me, so I looked and then I saw she was following zero people, so I was like, Alright, I see how it is'," he told J-14.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!