What could be funnier than Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz making a sex tape? How 'bout if they accidentally sent it to all their loved ones?!

Such is the plot of the new bawdy comedy, Sex Tape. In the film, Jason and Cameron play a married couple who are stuck in a rut and decide to make a sex tape to spice things up. However, due to the wonders of modern technology, they accidentally sync the video to the couple's iPad and sends the steamy vid to everyone in their iCloud -- including their family, friends and bosses. Uh oh!

The pair then decide they have to destroy the evidence on their loved ones' tablets before it is too late. How far will they go to get the iPads erased? Pretty far!

While the movie is hilarious, it also appears making the film was a treat for the actors. Cameron said she had a blast on set. "We get to be idiots all day long and tell a really sweet story at the same time."

Sex Tape opens wide in theaters on July 25.