Chris Brown has been taken into the custody of US Marshals. The 24-year-old felon will be in federal custody until at least Monday, when he will be present at his assault case in Washington DC. If Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos fails to get the assault charges dropped, the pop star may be in custody until April 17, when the trial is set to begin.

"US Marshals have taken singer Chris Brown into custody," NBC News4 tweeted. "He will be brought to DC for trial later this week."

The bus trip, which starts today, could take up to three days because stops the prisoners will be stopping in other cities along the way ti pick up more law breakers along the way.

Previously, Brown was being housed, without bail, in a Los Angeles County jail under a judge's order. Prior to his recent jail stint, the troubled entertainer was staying in a Malibu rehab center after he violated the terms of his probation of his 2009 conviction for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown is facing a misdemeanor assault charge after allegedly hitting a 20-year-old man who was trying to take a picture with him outside the W Hotel in DC.

If convicted, the music man could be sentenced up to four years in prison.