Ohmygosh we love Drake!

Drizzy made a pit stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday and further proved to us that Rihanna's main man is hilarious!

For Kimmel's "I Witness" segment, the "Pound Cake" singer went undercover, asking unsuspecting passersby about what they thought of Drake while on Hollywood Blvd.And some people do not hold back!

During his roadside Q&A, the incognito music man grilled some people on his music, what they thought of how he did hosting at the 2014 ESPYs (even though it doesn't happen until July 16.) The 27-year-old Canadian even mentioned some wild antics from the yet-to-happen awards show and asked people what they thought of his outrageous behavior.

We also love when Drake finally reveals his true self to his unknowing prey -- and it's pretty damn funny!