We already really liked Ellen Page, but after her moving coming out speech at the Human Rights Campaign's Time to THRIVE conference on Valentine's Day -- she became one of our favorites. The pint-sized Canuck just opened up to Canadian magazine Flare and talked about outing herself and the insecurities she felt being in the closet.

For the June issue of the mag, the 27-year-old spoke of her decision to finally go public with her sexual orientation, "You think you're in a place where you're all, 'I'm thrilled to be gay, I have no issues about being gay anymore, I don't feel shame about being gay,' but you actually do. You're just not fully aware of it. I think I still felt scared about people knowing. I felt awkward around gay people; I felt guilty for not being myself."

While the Hard Candy actress has yet to dish on any current or former flames, she has said one of the reasons she wanted to go public is so she could feel comfortable with a partner, ""The more time went by, the more something just happened, an 'Oh my GodI want to love someone freely and walk down the street and hold my girlfriend's hand,'"

Aside from a few incidents, the X-Men: Days of Future Past actress said her coming out has been a really good experience. "I expected so much more hate," she admitted. "It was just remarkably positive, which is beautiful, because it's indicative of the change that's happening."

We love hearing all that!