Justin Bieber LAX
Justin Bieber LAX

Justin Bieber's a free man after being detained for FIVE hours by customs officials at Los Angeles International Airport, on Thursday and X17 has the first photos of Biebs!

The 20 year-old pop star was held for a mini-investigation by immigration after his passport was flagged for multiple legal issues in various states this year. Most recently, the singer was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Miami in January. Just weeks before that, Bieber was charged with felony after allegedly egging a neighbor's home in Calabasas.

Then, Justin turned himself in on an assault charge near his hometown in Canada. He surrendered to Toronto police the last week of January after police accused him of beating a limo driver in an altercation outside a nightclub in December.

As if that weren't enough, some Americans are now calling for the Biebs to be deported back to Canada! A petition started January 23 -- the week the heartthrob was twice arrested, has received more than 300,000 signatures, demanding that the White House kick Justin out of the country!

Still, we think that's the least of Bieber's worries -- he's got multiple court dates on the books now and he's probably cursing US Immigration right now. After an 11-hour flight from Tokyo and give hours of questioning at LAX today, we're guessing Bieber's gonna need to seriously unwind tonight ...