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Kanye West took off from the Burbank Airport on Tuesday morning and headed to San Francisco, and when asked about reports that he's set to marry fiance Kim Kardashian this week in a private ceremony here in the states, Yeezy had no comment. Hey, if they're trying to keep it on the DL, it makes sense that he wouldn't want to talk about it! He did tell our videographer not to bother him because he was on the phone, but he wasn't a total jerk about it...

Kimye already have a marriage license according to a source for TMZ, and they're going to tie the knot here in the states before the end of the week. The website also reports that it's a "confidential" license so they won't have to appear at a courthouse -- apparently an official from the court can conduct the quickie ceremony at their home.

But don't worry -- that lavish wedding in Paris is still reportedly set for next month. Seems like there were too many legal hoops to jump through, but at least Kim will get her fairytale ending! Well, even if it's just for show, but isn't that how everything is with the Kardashian family?