We already got a peek at some of the crazy characters Katy Perry plays in her new music video for "Birthday," and now the full version has hit the web!

Katy plays Goldie Dancer, Yosef Shulem, Kriss The Clown, Ace The Animal Trainer and Princess Mandee, and the hilarious video starts off by saying, "In April, 2014, Katy Perry attended 5 birthday partiesOnly no one knew it was her." Katy proceeds to prank all sorts of partygoers in her various disguises, and we're not sure how she was able to pull this off, but it might just be her best work yet!

Katy tweeted the video and wrote, "GUYS, PREPARE YOURSELVES cuz its time to bring out the big balloons and #MakeItLikeYourBirthday!"

Which birthday entertainer is your fav?