It could be any day now!

Kendra Wilkinson spent her Sunday at son Hank's soccer game in Calabasas, and the reality star looked uncomfortably pregnant!

The Kendra On Top star and her husband Hank Baskett are set to welcome a baby girl, but until then, they are focusing on their little boy and his milestones!

"Me and my soccer star. He scored seven goals today," she captioned the below Instagram snapshot.

The pregnancy process has been a little more challenging for the former Playboy playmate this time around!

"It's easier on the mind, harder on the body. It's been brutal. I think because little Hank stretched me out, I know that sounds pretty gross, but he stretched me out all the way! I think she got a chance to sit lower faster, so she's been on my pelvic bone all pregnancy," she told E! Online earlier this month.

Load up on the spicy foods and get this baby out, girl!