Pamela Anderson legs blonde sunglasses purse hand bag beverly hills 9021pho

We love Billy Idol! Oh wait never mind that's actually Pamela Anderson.

The blonde bombshell channeled her inner Idol outwardly when she picked up some grub at 9021Pho in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

For the takeout stop, the 46-year-old donned a peach-colored cardigan, floral dress and black flats. Not exactly what you'd expect the leather-loving Barb Wire star to be wearing.

We are little confused about Pamela's new style switch up. From her short hair to her meek librarian librarian look, the buxom blonde looks more like an Etsy shop owner than a former Playboy model and Baywatch babe.

Pammy, we're all about inventing a "new you" -- but this new you just seems a bit drab for such a vibrant woman. Next time maybe less frumpy, floral frocks and maybe more sleek and sophisticated ensembles? Just a friendly suggestion from the gang at X17online!