Peaches Geldof died as the result of a heroin overdose, reports The Times of London.

Shortly after Geldof passed away, a spokesperson for the Kent Police told reporters, "At this stage, the death is being treated as an unexplained sudden death. Officers are working to establish the circumstances around the death." The Daily Mail reported that authorities "found no evidence of hard drugs, a suicide note, or any visible signs of injury," but it looks like we'll know more when the cause of death report is officially released tomorrow at an inquest.

At the time, Peaches' father Bob Geldof said in a statement on behalf of the entire family, "We are beyond pain. She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us. Writing was destroys me afresh. What a beautiful child. How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable? We loved her and will cherish her forever. How sad that sentence is."

Peaches' mother was British TV presenter Paula Yates, who died of a drug overdose in September 2000. Peaches was 11 at the time, and in 2012 she spoke to Elle Magazine about her mom's passing.

"I remember the day my mother died, and it's still hard to talk about it. I just blocked it out. I went to school the next day because my father's mentality was 'keep calm and carry on'," she said. "So we all went to school and tried to act as if nothing had happened. But it had happened. I didn't grieve. I didn't cry at her funeral. I couldn't express anything because I was just numb to it all. I didn't start grieving for my mother properly until I was maybe 16."

Peaches is survived by her husband Thomas Cohen and their two sons, Astala, 23 months, and Phaedra, 11 months.