Kurupt V. Stiviano donald sterline visor trucker cap pips

She's got one in every color!

At first we thought V. Stiviano was a bit eccentric but the more we see Donald Sterling's visor-clad ex mistress out, we're pretty sure she's full-on koo koo kachoo.

Clearly trying to keep a low profile amid the current media frenzy surrounding her, the Stiviano ventured out of her Los Angeles home for a night on the town. The visor queen was spotted (because how could she not be?) with rapper Kurupt while dining at Pips in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver held a press conference and announced that Sterling was suspended from the NBA "forever" and fined $2.5 million. Almost immediately after the news broke, the disgraced owner's former fling blasted Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love" from her apartment and then cruised around her neighborhood on a pair of roller skates (totally normal when a bunch of photogs are cataloging your every move, right?). After that she changed into a matching yellow ensemble, complete with a baseball hat bearing her name and headed out for the night.

V. still has yet to comment about the racist remarks Sterling made during an argument with her (which she allegedly leaked to the press), because she's clearly way too classy for that (aka still waiting for her pay day).