Vanessa Paradis LAX hair leather boots sunglasses

Is Vanessa Paradis' hair this much of a mess naturally? We're so used to seeing her with straight and shiny tresses, we had no idea this was what she looked like before spending some quality time with a flat iron...

On Wednesday afternoon the French singer/actress arrived at Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight out of town, and she rocked her curly locks with a bunch of layers of clothing.

Her ex Johnny Depp is currently p*ssy whipped engaged to Amber Heard, but apparently she's moved on as well! Last week Vanessa was seen dropping off French pop star Benjamin Biolay at the airport, and judging by the amount of luggage he had with him, it seems like he might have spent quite a bit of time here in Los Angeles with her!

Vanessa and Benjamin were introduced by Karl Lagerfeld two years ago, and last year they recorded a duet called "Profite" on his album Vengeance. Looks like they're doing more than making music together -- good for her!