Uhh this doesn't look good for a lot of reasons!

On Sunday Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville tweeted that she was at the hospital yet again with her son Mason yet again, due to another allergic reaction.

"At ER with Mason 3 rd time in 9 weeks :/ allergy's and Epi-pens suuuck! Better safe than sorry #lovesofmylife (sic)," wrote Eddie Cibrian on Sunday.

Later on Sunday, the leggy 41-year-old tweeted the above pic of Mason in a hospital bed with younger son Jake making what looks like a gun with his hands, along with the caption, "My little patient and his not so sympathetic little brother."

Uhh we aren't sure that in the wake of the UCSB tragedy posting an image of young boy who looks like he's acting out play guns with his hands is totally appropriate -- but we guess we are talking about Brandi Glanville. Appropriate is clearly just not her thing.

Appropriate pic or not -- we sure hope Mason is okay!

Meanwhile, Mason's step mom LeAnn Rimes had quite a different weekend. Before the youngster's health scare, the blonde went for a facial at Tracie Martyn's New York spa. The actress-singer went casual in a hat, jeans and t-shirt.

At least one of Eddie's ladies had a relaxing time!

LeAnn Rimes facial Tracie Martyn