Gwyneth Paltrow Brentwood Goop

How could it not be?

On Saturday Gwyneth Paltrow went to her Goop pop-up store at Brentwood Country Mart for a cookbook signing, and the Oscar winner was all smiles when she left the event.

Gwynnie opened the store earlier this week, and though it's closing down today, we're willing to bet that she'll open up another one at some point. Or perhaps she'll make the retail space a more permanent fixture?

Gwyneth celebrated the store's opening at a party on Tuesday, and while a lot of the items are grossly overpriced (I mean, who needs $125 cocktail napkins or $650 vintage found serving spoons?!), we have to admit, whoever did the display for the store totally nailed it:


But now that she's done focusing on this, will she spend some time with estranged hubby Chris Martin? We thought they were "consciously uncoupled," but after snapping them on a dinner date earlier this month, now we're not so sure!