Beyonce's sister Solange went absolutely berserk and assaulted Jay Z in an elevator after a Met Gala after party, and the whole thing was caught on tape!

There was no audio, so we're not sure why she flew into a rage, but we're shocked at how calm and collected Hova was during the whole exchange. He never once laid a hand on her!

The "Losing You" singer can be seen saying something to her brother-in-law before swinging her fists and punching him repeatedly until the bodyguard restrained her. She even went to kick the rapper at one point, whereby he grabbed her leg and attempted to stop the abuse. The bodyguard pressed the emergency button on the 12th floor in an attempt to keep the altercation private.

Beyonce didn't really do anything to protect her man, either! Not only that, but Bey took off in the same car as her sister while her husband opted to take a different ride. That leads us to believe Queen B sided with her sibling!

We're dying to know what this was about!