It's hard to keep up with the Kardashians when they keep switching things around!

Though it's been reported for MONTHS now that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will marry in Paris, France on May 24, a source close to the couple tells Entertainment Tonight that they're actually getting married in Florence, Italy!

Kimye are having a dinner in Paris the night before the wedding, and they will reportedly fly their guests to Italy on private planes for the ceremony.

Kim had her bridal shower last weekend at the Verandah room at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, and she was joined by family and friends at the Paris-themed soiree. Last week Kim took to her Twitter to address rumors about her upcoming nuptials, but she definitely didn't mention this!

“Seeing so many different reports not gonna start disputing them all but a few I want to straighten out," she wrote, adding that the duo are not married (e.g., they haven't actually inked their license in the state of California), they won't be televising their wedding and "no one" has seen her dress. "That's it!" she added. "Unless you hear it from us please don't believe nonsense!" Wait, so how do we know whether to believe this source?

Either way, it explains why the wedding invite was so vague ... but who saw this coming?