We can't wait to see what they wear to the Met Gala tonight!

On Monday afternoon Kim Kardashian and BFF Jonathan Cheban went shopping in New York City, and across town Kanye West was spotted stepping out of his car and hitting up some stores as well. Not only are they busy planning for their wedding later this month, but we're guessing they're throwing together a few last minute things for tonight's Met Gala.

Last year Kim wore a floral gown designed by Riccardo Tisci, and she received a lot of flack for her choice. Some critics said she looked like a couch (the print was pretty bad, but seeing as she was 8 months preggers, that was kinda mean), and others slammed her for not sticking to that year's punk theme. Kim might never snag her own invite, but this will be the second year she's attending the event, and after that Vogue cover, it certainly seems like she's on better terms with Anna Wintour!

So what can we expect this year? Vogue magazine's beauty director, Sarah Brown, told E! Online, "A high class affair. This year it's all about a return to formality." This year's theme is White Tie and Decorations, which celebrates the "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" exhibition. But who the heck is Mr. James?!

Brown continued, "Charles James is called the 'Great American Couturier.' He's a little-known designer who was massively important in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and on into the 70s. He had incredible admirers among Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga, James Galanos, but a lot of people didn't know him here at home. He dressed some of the most beautiful women of the day: Millicent Rogers, Babe Paleythe fashion icons. They were all his couture clients. He was known for incredible drapery. His clothes are very sculptural, architectural. He cared about draping. He cared about the seam. He would spend weeks on the single drape of one sleeve. He was really a perfectionist." Hmm, can't wait to see Kimye's interpretation of this!

And of course, as soon as she landed in the Big Apple, Kim just had to post the Instagram video below, which is set to the tune of "New York State of Mind." But rather than showing her love for the city, the video seems pretty centered on Kim. Surprising, huh?