Kim Kardashian's clothes are practically falling off! Is that a robe or an actual outfit? We shudder to think that's what she is wearing to her wedding rehearsal dinner!

Wearing virgin white, the reality star was less than dressed as she prepped for pre-wedding events at the Palace of Versailles on Friday night in France. Let's get real people -- Kim's breasts are practically falling out of her silken ensemble.

On second thought, we aren't sure if breasts are the right word for her oft-photographed orbs of flesh. Maybe something like tatas, fun bags, chichis would best describe Kim's favorite accessory?

The 33-year-old is all set to marry Kanye West in the wedding of the century on Saturday. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been prepping all week for the extravagant affair. She's looked calm and collected all week but in these pics Kimbo looks like a deer in headlights! Is she feeling a bit of the wedding jitters?!

Seeing Kimmy K wearing revealing clothes is pretty much par for the course, but almost exposing your breasts at your rehearsal dinner?! That seems a bit inappropriate even for her! Can she just put them away for a night? Apparently not!

The wedding party is currently at Versailles for a private tour and pre-dinner event and then they'll move on to the Chateau de Louvecinennes for a private dinner. Tomorrow, the entire wedding party will depart for Florence, where Kim and Kanye will tie the knot at the Forte di Belvedere.

UPDATE: Reports have been saying that Kimye is exchanging their vows in Italy. But photos of the grounds of Versailles show that an ostentatious set up is happening -- so it's quite possible that the duo has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes and are getting married at Versailles, which is the the wedding location that had been previously speculated about for months. However there are also photos of a platform and chairs being set up at the spot in Florence. Are they having TWO weddings? Leave it to Kanye to keep us on our toes!