Cute! Except we didn't think she was going to keep her hair this color for what's looking like the better half of 2014...

Nicole Richie landed at Los Angeles International Airport last night, and the former party girl showed some of her wild side with a leopard coat. Nicole penned an article for the New York Times last week, and in it she chatted about her beauty routines -- specifically with regard to her new hair.

"My daughter asked me to do it, so I did," Nicole writes. "This change of color and all the maintenance is something new to me. Last July, I wanted to give my hair a break. I took all my extensions out for the first time in 10 years and for seven months I was rocking only leave-in conditioner and a slick back. I was giving my hair a chance to breathe because I do a lot to it. I color it and I do a Brazilian treatment. So I went from nothing to this color. It was a big jump."

Indeed it was!