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It wouldn't be the wedding of the century without a few snags!

Scott Disick caught a departing flight out of LAX on his way to France for Kim Kardashian's wedding yesterday, and we've learned The Lord almost didn't attend the big nuptials because he got into a nasty spat with the bride-to-be!

    "Scott was pissed; he's sick of the whole Kim/Kanye machine. He used to be top dog in the family and now Kanye's taking over," a source tells X17.

According to the source, LD had a disagreement with his girlfriend's sister about something regarding money and threatened to skip the ceremony, but was convinced to go at the last minute by Kourtney.

    "Scott was really trying to make a point and scare everyone into thinking he wasn't going to the wedding. He even ditched Kourtney and the kids to stay home and pout but in the end, he had to go. He's still a media whore at heart - he'd never miss the wedding of the century," our source adds.

Maybe the father-of-two wanted his cut of the profits to be on camera?

Meanwhile, another guest bound to cause drama is Rachel Roy, who also caught a flight to Paris yesterday to witness Kimye tie the knot. Reports claim Yeezy's bestie Jay Z apparently "disrespected" Beyonce, according to Solange, by chatting with the designer at the Met Gala, which provoked the now infamous elevator fight.

Let's hope they leave the beef in the States!