Studio City

We almost didn't even recognize Teri Hatcher! And it's probably been a while since she's had the paparazzi snap her picture, so she was caught off guard too!

On Friday Teri grabbed coffee in Studio City, and after Desperate Housewives ended, we haven't really been paying much attention to the 49-year-old actress. Maybe she needs to go make out with Ryan Seacrest again? We're totally kidding, but we still can't believe that happened back in 2006...

So has Teri been dating anyone since then? Last we checked she was still single, but she chatted with the Mirror last year and revealed that she's ready to find love again. I have been really fortunate to have some great experiences in my life, and I look forward to more, and I would really like to have someone special to share those with. I guess thats what Im looking for," she said. My daughter is older and it feels like there is more energy right now to be available. So it will probably happen.