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But just as soon as he said that, 50 Cent flashed his million dollar smile and sweetly said, "I'm just playing!"

The rapper (and former Chelsea Handler flame -- we still can't believe they hooked up!) arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, and he was hit with tons of questions from photographers. When asked about stealing a chain from rap duo Slowbucks, he plays around and threatened to hit the pap while saying "I'ma f*ck you up!" He was kidding, but he also tiptoed around answering the question!

So what exactly happened with Slowbucks? 50 hasn't commented on this, but according to AllHipHop, he had a pal snatch a gold necklace from one of the members of Slowbucks at Hot 97?s Summer Jam after they reportedly posted a photo of 50 Cents son, Marquise Jackson, on Instagram.

AllHipHop has a video that was shot during 50 and Fabulous performance of Cuffing Season, and you can see a group of men pushing a man and one definitely has a chain in his hand. Still, this seems a little hokey, and given what 50 had to say about it in the video above, we think it might be a publicity stunt!