Wonder what kind of tracks these two troublemakers are laying down?

After spending some quality time in the studio over the weekend, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown got together again for another recording sesh! Biebs tweeted the above snapshot on Monday and wrote, "Studio, me and CB did 1 for the fans." They may have their fair share of run-ins with the law, but you can't deny how talented the dudes are, so we're very curious to hear their collaboration.

They came into the studio and were immediately happy to see one another, a source tells HollywoodLife. They gave each other a handshake with a long hug. They started play boxing and JB was like, Yo, what up Chris, my brother? and Chris was like, Haha, Biebs, look at you. What it do? They were as happy as can be, like two brothers from another mother.

And it wasn't just about music! "They talked about how they admire and respect one another and how they are going to put all of their time and energy into this music," the source added. "Theyre both sick of being distracted by the outside world and are both getting back to the basics."

In other news, Bieber will be charged with criminal vandalism today in connection with egging his former neighbors' house, according to CNN. It's still not known whether the pop star will be hit with a misdemeanor or a felony, the latter of which would have more significant consequences.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department detectives are reportedly pushing for a felony charge, as Bieber's neighbor claimed there was $20,000 in damage caused by the eggs. But when Bieber attorneys met with prosecutors in March, they argued that it was "a silly prank" and since Bieber has no criminal record, it should be treated as a misdemeanor. We'll see what happens...