On Wednesday Justin Bieber reportedly posted the above photo on Instagram with former flame Selena Gomez, only to remove it shortly thereafter.

Bieber captioned the pic, "Our love is unconditional." But if that's the case, then why did he delete it!? And it's clearly not an ancient throwback pic, because the Biebs has only had his neck tattoo for about two months now. The last time the lovebirds were seen together was at Coachella, but they've been on and off so much over the last few years it's never REALLY a surprise when they rekindle their romance.

Last week a pair of videos hit the web of a then 14-year-old Bieber using the N-word, and after spending a few days with his family in the wake of the scandal, Biebs came back to Los Angeles. Around 4:30am on Wednesday morning X17 photographers caught the pop star leaving the recording studio, so he's definitely been keeping himself busy. But what we really want to know is whether Selena and Justin hooked back up over the last few days!

After the clips leaked, a source told HollywoodLife, Selena doesnt think Justin is a racist, she just thinks he was acting stupid and immature. As far as him changing she does hope that hell grow up, she still sees the good in him and his potential.