Ryan Sweeting Kaley Cuoco  starbucks shorts sunglasses

See? No drama here!

On Wednesday Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting grabbed Starbucks in Beverly Hills, and the couple looked at each other like a pair of lovestruck teenagers as they walked back to their car.

According to a recent report, the couple, who have been married for barely six months, got into an argument at a friend's engagement party in Florida earlier this month, and a source tells Star mag that Kaley felt Ryan wasn't showing her enough attention so she started getting irritated.

"Kaley looked like she really didn't want to be there," the insider dished. "Ryan told her to relax, and that is when all hell broke loose. She snapped back and told him where to go. She didn't know that many people at the party and felt like he was being irresponsible for not looking after here."

Maybe it's just growing pains? They seemed fine today!